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GOLDSHEET Mining Directory- Scripophily and Obsolete Securities
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I am often asked about old mining companies and their stock certificates.
I have been interested in scripophily for many years, and have compiled this information page.
Unfortunately, I do not have any additional reference material, so I am unable to
look up specific shares for you
, but I hope this page helps in your search.

In order to trace an obsolete security, you need the EXACT name of the company,
the date issued, and the state/province of incorporation (all found on the stock certificate).
With this information you can look up the security in several reference books, contact
the transfer agent, contact the state/province where it was incorporated, etc..

Your objective is to determine if the shares can be redeemed in another existing firm,
if there was a liquidation distribution, or if the shares are worthless.
Even though most shares turn out to be worthless, they still might have a collector value.

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Reference Books | US States | Canadian Resources | Search Firms | Dealers | Other Resources
Reference Books
Capital Changes - Alphabetical listing of companies with a chronology of events
Directory of Obsolete Securities (Published annually) by Financial Information Incorporated
Robert D. Fisher Manual of Valuable and Worthless Securities, Published since 1926
Volume:Year 1:1926, 2:1928, 3:1930, 4:1934, 5/6:1937/38 (combined), 7:1940 (Includes Mining I), 8:1941 (Includes Mining II), 9:1942, 10:1944/45, 11:1946, 12:1957, 13:1971, 14:1975, 15:1984 Acquires Old Stock & Bond Research Archives from Herzog & Co., Inc.
The Questioned Stock Manual
A Guide to Determining the True Worth of Old and Collectible Securities
Albert F, Gargiulo and Rocco Carlucci, McGraw-Hill, 1970.
"Survey of Predecessor and Defunct Companies" Published annually by The Financial Post
"Mines Handbook". (published annually) by The Northern Miner Press

Reference Books | US States | Canadian Resources | Search Firms | Dealers | Other Resources
US - State Resources
With the state and date of incorporation information from the stock certificate, one can contact the "division of corporations", usually found under the "Secretary of State" responsibilities.
The objective is to determine the status of the corporate charter. One can find out if it has been cancelled, along with a reason.
If the corporation is still active, a record of the current corporate headquarters address can be obtained.
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Federal Resources
Securities and Exchange Commission - The objective is to find out if trading in the security has been suspended, and the reason. If the security is still active, you request current information and recent filings.
The SEC also has a good collection of Online Publications for Investors.

Reference Books | US States | Canadian Resources | Search Firms | Dealers | Other Resources
Canadian Resources
Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Northwest Territories Nunavut Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon

Reference Books | US States | Canadian Resources | Search Firms | Dealers | Other Resources
Search Firms
Don G Levy and Associates - Forensic and Investigative Accounting Firm which operatesa speciality service researching and valuing old Canadian Stocks and Bonds. - Old Company Stock Research Service is the successor to the archives, publishing rights and copyrights on obsolete research reference material published by the Marvyn Scudders Manuals, the Robert D. Fisher Manuals, and the Herzog amp; Co., Inc. obsolete research services, which have been performed continuously since 1880. - Stock and bond certificate research service.Tracing and researching old obsolete and obscure uncancelled stock certificates and bonds to determine if the companies are still in business and what the current value of the certificates might be
Address: P.O. Box 100 Cedar City, Utah 84721 Phone:435-586-9497
Spink - Established for the purpose of providing the financial community, and private individuals, with accurate information concerning obsolete securities and banknotes.
Stock Cert Expert - Provides research on old stock certificates. Wonder if your old stock certificates have any value? Find out what they are worth! We track back your certificates for the lowest fee on the internet!"
Stock Search, 4936 Younge Street, Suite 231. North York, Ontario Phone: 416-222-0828
Stock Search International - This company has been helping investors establish the value of old stocks and bonds since 1969, and their efforts allow people to recover lost funds from unlisted securities thought to be "worthless". You can consult their extensive online database of companies no longer listed

Reference Books | US States | Canadian Resources | Search Firms | Dealers | Other Resources
Scripophily Dealers and Organizations
Even if your company is out of business, your certificate may be collectable.
Historical automobile, mining, and railroad shares are often most valuable.
Here are some dealers, publications, and organizations that might be useful:
ATS Notes - Bond and Share Certificates
Adam Historical Shares - Berlin, Germany.
Aktiesamlaren and Strandbergs Mynthandel AB - Historical Bonds and Shares
Alaska Rare Coins 551-B Second Ave. Fairbanks, AK 99701 - Author of book: Alaska and Yukon Stocks and Bonds.
American Vignettes (Bob Kluge) P.O. Box 155 Roselle Park, NJ 07204 908-241-4209
Americana Enterprises P.O. Box 7126 Colorado Springs, CO 80933 719-634-0268 eBay Store
Antiquariat Schoene Aktien - Historische Aktien und Wertpapiere aus aller Welt (German site)
Antique Stock and Bond Investments (Bruce Heiner) P.O. Box 421 Hunt Valley, MD 21031 Phone: 410-584-7090
Antique Stocks and Bonds - Over 1000 Different Railroad Stocks and Bonds
Archives International 1580 Lemoine Avenue Suite #7 Fort Lee, New Jersey USA 07024 Phone: 1-201-944-4800 - Wide selection of coins and banknotes as well as historical securities (HWP)
Art on Papers - Scripophily of the World.
Belgian Association for Scripophily - Non-profit association for collectors of old bonds and shares. Large database and has auctions.
Benecke and Rehse - Auctions
Blue Chip Securities (Jim Milford) P.O. Box 20188 San Jose, CA 95160
Boone Scripophily - Auctions - Specializes in unique, vintage, and one-of-a-kind gifts of Wall Street memorabilia and framed stock certificates.
CSA - Buyer and seller of Confederate bonds.
Canadian Bond and Share Society 110 Yonge St, Suite 1601 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Phone: 416-366-2931
Centennial Documents PO Box 5262 Clinton, NJ 08809 Phone: 908-730-6009
Certificate Collector - Personal collection (not-for-sale) of antique stock and bond certificates. Mining Shares
Champion Stamp -
Darren Cioffi P.O. Box 393 Newark, DE
Cohasco - Document Preservation Center
Collectable Shares of Finland - A list of all known different Finnish collectable share certificates in the hands of collectors and dealers.
Collectible Stocks and Bonds "Old and obsolete certificates from your favorite companies" -Dedicated to collecting and disseminating information about collectible railroad stocks and bonds
D&D Scripophily PO Box 580063 Flushing, NY 11358
Phone: 718-358-3447 Tollfree: 800-941-0098
Daly's Mining Shop is now Old West History Store
www.eOldStocks - Buying and Selling Old Stocks and Bonds Certificates
Lawrence Falater POB 81 Allen, MI 49227 Phone: 517-869-2541 Tollfree: 888-FALATER
Author of American Automobile Stock Certificates.
Frank's Scripophily BlogSpot - Discuss different aspects of collecting antique stocks and bonds for beginners and advanced collectors. collecting for almost 25 years and writer of articles in the magazine of the International Bond & Share Society.
Frost and Robinson P.O. Box 814 Richboro, PA 18954 215-357-6820
GKR Bonds - Stocks and Bonds, Old Maps, and Books.
Galerie Numistoria - Over 2000 Bonds and Shares Pictures
Gamla Aktiebrev Old share certificates (Finland)
Globe Treasures - Antique paper (stocks and bonds)
Go Antiques - Scripophily page - Mark Baker Enterprises We specialize in buying and selling all forms of rare and collectable paper including photographs, documents, ephemera, stamp collections, postal history, post cards, books, california lithography and paintings.
Gutowski - Auktionen Historischer Wertpapiere
HWP Sammler - Historic paper
HWPH Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG - Ihr Spezialist f�r Historische Wertpapiere und Finanzgeschichte
Joachim Hahn -
John Heleva PO Box 375 Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Historische Wertpapiere - Historic Papers
Historische Wertpapiere Pentenrieder - Historical shares and bonds of the USA and all around the world
Historic Stock Market - Discover the fascinating world of historic stock and bond certificates.
Historisches Portfolio - Historical securities and current shares
Holabird Americana - Specializes in Western Americana auctions and fixed price sales featuring stocks certificates, documents, photographs and more dating from c1850 to c1950.
Clinton Hollins - Stock certificates and bonds
Richard Hoober PO Box 3116 Key Largo, FL 33037
Hudson Valley Antique Currency - We offer a large selection of U.S. Obsolete notes and scrip.
Hugo H. van der Molen - Scripophily site
International Bond and Share Society - Founded in 1978 for the encouragement of Scripophily.
Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps - Features early stocks and bond material.
Karlheinz Kron Historic Papers - Shares, Bonds and Option certificates from around the world - Historical securities
Malcolm Kurin PO Box 9537 Wilmington, DE 19809 888-387-5787
LaBarre Galleries - The largest inventory of collectible stocks and bonds in the world.
Lamassu - Historical Stocks and Bonds.
Miracles (Howard Aaronson) P.O. Box 156 211 Wenonah Ave. Mantua, NJ 08051 Phone:609-468-2674
Mt. Gothic Tomes - Dealers in rare books and Western Americana: old maps; antique photographs; historical documents; scripophily (stock certificates); historical artifacts; and other relics from the American West
Museum of American Financial History - Chronicling the History of America's Capital Markets
Nonvaleur Shop - Stocks and bonds from Germany and other countries. Special: Certificates from Danzig / Gdansk.
Norrico - Better stocks and bonds in all categories, including mining and telegraph
Frank Hammelbacher PO Box 660077 Flushing, NY 11366-0077
Phone: 718-380-4009 Fax: 718-380-9793
Norsk Selskap for Scripofili -
Numistoria - Online scripophily gallery
Old Bonds and Shares - Information for Collectors of Old Bonds and Shares
Old West History Store - Authentic Early Western Mining Stock Certificates
Old Stock Yard - Fantastic selection of stock and bond certificates in many different categories such as railroads, automobiles, mining, finance, and government - Largest collection of finnish share certificates.
Oudeaandelen Online - More than 2400 different OLD EFFECTS from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Russia and many other countries.
Paper Americana PO Box 6706 St. Louis, MO 63144 Phone: 314-968-1647
Historische Wertpapiere Pentenrieder - Historical shares and bonds of the USA and all around the world
Portafoglio Storico - Italian dealer in antique stocks and bonds
Vern Potter
Vern Potter Currency & Collectibles PO Box 10040 Torrance, CA 90505 Phone: 310-326-0406
Featuring U.S. Paper Money, Railroad & Western Mining Stocks & Bonds, Western Postal & Express History, and Western Americana.
Johannes Pottrick - Historische Wertpapiere
Ken Prag PO Box 14817-BR San Francisco, CA 94114 Phone: 415-586-9386
K. Clifford Priest P.O. Box 5114 Elgin, IL 60121 Phone: 847-697-3156
Professional Scripophily Traders Association - An Association of Scripophily Dealers Committed to Quality and Customer Service
Raab/K�rle - Auction house
Rails Remembered PO Box 464 Rosemead, CA 91770
Herbert D. Rice 3883 Turtle Creek Blvd. #2317 Dallas, TX 75219
Rodrigo Shares - Worldwide collectors and traders of collectable stocks and bonds
Roland & Co. - Autographs, Financial Documents, Photography, Rare Books, and Ephemera.
Bob Schell Stock Certificate and Bond Shows - Annual show, since 2002, in Virginia
William Sapara 10855 Limeridge Road Hiram, OH 44234
Scripo-Bay -
Scripofilia - Italy - We Research, Buy and Sell Original Stock and Bond Certificates, Historical Documents and Autographs. Online Store
Scripophily Corner - Antique stocks and bonds.
Scripophily Finland - Largest selection of Finnish share certificates and obligations for sale.
Scripophily Trader
Scripophily Trader - (Tom Lareau) Selling old stocks and bonds online and at antique shows since 1998. - Welcome to the exciting world of Finnish scripophily!
Scripovest AG - One of the largest retail dealers for old stocks and bonds worldwide.
The Share Gallery - Suppliers of framed, historical stock and share certificates
Wilfried Sietz - Historische Wertpapiere - The old stocks and bonds shopping world
Spinks Smythe - Antique Stocks and Bonds
Stocklobster - Antique stock and bond certificates.
Stockold Scripophily - by Geert Leemeijer
Strandbergs Mynthandel & Aktiesamlaren AB - Scandinavia's most exciting collector's store. Founded in 1969 by Birger Strandberg
David Strebe Paper Collectibles P.O. Box 1055 Laurel, MD 20725
Take Stock - Collectible Stocks and Bonds!
Tokens-girl Numismatic - large inventory of world collectible Stocks and Bonds.
Tom's Vignettes - Antique Stocks/Bonds - Reasonable Prices, many items under $20
Treasured Stocks - Enthusiasts learning center for the history of stocks, as well as a place to view and purchase timeless pieces of art.
Tschoepe Auktionhaus - German scripophily dealers and auctioneers.
VieilleFrance Web Certicate Collectibles - Old certificate specialist of Mining and every old certificate and scripophily
M Veissid - Coins, Paper Money and especially Bonds & Shares
Wall Street Treasures - Specializes in gifts for financial professionals. Our inventory consists of bull and bear items, desk accessories, office gifts, statues, trading jackets, stock and bond certificates, literature, pictures, art, and more.
Western Mountain Stamp and Coin - Some nice scanned pictures of Stock Certificates, for
Scott Winslow Associates - Historical and Collectable - Documents, Autographs and Currency Obsolete Stocks, Bonds, Manuscripts, Cigar Label Art.
Sam Withers P.O. Box 19916 St. Louis, MO 63144 314-968-1647
Yesterday's Paper 2 Terrill Drive Califon, NJ 07830 -

Reference Books | US States | Canadian Resources | Search Firms | Dealers | Other Resources
Other Resources
Here are a few sites that also have pages on obsolete shares
Boston Public Library - Historical Company Research.
University of California Berkeley - Thomas J. Long Business & Economics Library
CBC News - Article on Researching old stock and bond certificates
Library of Congress - Guide to Business History Resources; Obsolete Securities
Enoch Pratt Free Library - What to Do with an Old Stock Certificate
Investment FAQ - Researching the Value of Old Certificates
New York Public Library - Obsolete Stock
Old Stock Certificates from Washington State Department of Financial Institutions
Securities and Exchange Commission - Stock and Bond Certificates, Old
Spokane Public Library - Finding Stock Quotes and Researching Old Stocks, with excellent section on Spokane Stock Exchange (1897-1991)

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