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Molybdenum Information
International Molybdenum Association - Founded in 1989 under Belgian law as an association with scientific purposes. - Data about Molybdenite
Silicon Investor Molybdenum Discussion Board
United States Geological Survey - Molybdenum Statistics and Information

Primary US molybdenum production comes from three mines:
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Henderson Mine in Colorado
Molycorp Questa Mine in New Mexico
Thompson Creek Mine in Idaho.

Molybdenum was produced as a byproduct of copper production at:
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Bagdad and Sierrita Mines in Arizona
Montana Resources Continental Pit in Montana
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Chino Mine in New Mexico
Kennecott Utah Copper Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah
Wikipedia - General overview
Yahoo! Groups Molybdenum Forum - News, Demands and Developments

Molybdenum Stocks
Yahoo! Quotes and News for all stocks listed below
Adanac Moly [TSX-V:AUA] - Ruby Creek Molybdenum Deposit, British Columbia, Canada.
Amerigo Resources [TSX:ARG] - Produces copper and molybdenum concentrates from tailings from the world's largest underground copper mine, Codelco's El Teniente mine
Antofagasta plc [LSE:ANTO] - Produced 8,700 tons of molybdenum in 2005 from Los Pelambres open pit copper mine in Chile
Artemis Resources [ASX:ARV] - Western Australia
Augusta Resource Corporation [AMEX:AZC] [TSX:AZC] - Rosemont open-pit copper-molybdenum-silver (Cu/Mo/Ag) deposit in Southern Arizona.
Avanti Mining [CNSX:AVT] - Kitsault molybdenum mine in British Columbia.
BCM Resources [TSX-V:B] - British Columbia molybdenum properties
Bard Ventures [TSX-V:CBS] - Lone Pine Molybdenum Property in the Omineca Mining Division, British Columbia.
Beacon Minerals [ASX:BCN] - Copper-gold-molybdenum in Queensland
Beaufield Resources [TSX-V:BFD] - Exploring for gold and base metals in Ontario,Quebec, and Manitoba.
Bitterroot Resources [TSX-V:BTT] - North Brenda Molybdenum/Copper project, BC.
Black Pearl Minerals is now Canada Lithium
Blue Pearl Mining is now Thompson Creek Metals
Cadillac Mining was acquired by Pilot Gold
CanAlaska Uranium [TSX-V:CVV] - Saskatchewan uranium
Capital Mining [ASX:CMY] - Gold, base metals and rare metals in southeast Australia.
Catalyst Metals [ASX:CYL] - Western Australia.
Central China Goldfields ibecame GGG Resources plc is now Bullabulling Gold
China Moly [HK:3993] - Luanchuan molybdenum mine, with molybdenum reserves ranked second in China.
Climax Moly [a Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold subsidiary] - Founded in 1916, our global operations include both primary and byproduct molybdenum mines.
Codelco -
Columbia Yukon Explorations is now BC Moly (no website)
Copper Fox Metals [TSX-V:CUU] - Schaft Creek copper-gold-molybdenum-silver property located in Northwestern British Columbia.
Coppermoly Limited [ASX:COY] - Papau New Guinea
Creston Moly merged with Mercator Minerals (bankrupt), then was acquired by Starcore International Mines
DGR Global [ASX:DGR] - Gympie Goldfield, Queensland, Australia
E-Energy Ventures [TSX-V:EEV] - Gold-producing Red Lake region of Northern Ontario.
Eagle Plains Resources [TSX-V:EPL] - Controls over 35 gold, silver, uranium, copper, molybdenum, zinc and rare earth mineral projects
El Nino Ventures [TSX-V:ELN] - Silver and molybdenum projects and/or uranium exploration projects.
Erdene Gold [TSX:ERD] - Mongolian exploration properties are focused on base metals (molybdenum and copper)
Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold [NYSE:FCX] - Acquired Phelps Dodge Climax Molybdenum.
Freeport Resources [TSX-V:FRI] -
Galway Metals [TSX-V:GWM] - Victorio molybdenum-tungsten Project west of Deming, New Mexico.
General Moly, Inc. [AMEX:GMO] - Mount Hope Molybdenum Project, Eureka County, Nevada
Gentor Resources [TSE-V:GNT] - IMA Mine molybdenum-tungsten property in Idaho and the prospective Delmoe Lake gold project in Montana
Geodex Minerals [TSX-V:GXM] - Sisson Brook Tungsten-Molybdenum-Copper Deposit, New Brunswick, Canada.
Georgia Ventures became Creston Moly, Mercator Minerals
Golden Phoenix Minerals [OTCBB:GPXM] - Mining properties are located within mine-friendly Nevada and Ontario, Canada.
Goldrea Resources [TSX-V:GOR] - Focused on China
Greencastle Resources [TSX-V:VGN] - Focus on gold exploration in Nevada, U.S.A. and the Republic of Niger, West Africa.
Grupo Mexico [MEX:GMEXICOB] - Second largest molybdenum producer in the world. (11,837 mt in 2006)
Happy Creek Minerals [TSX-V:HPY] - British Columbia
Harmony Gold Mining [NYSE:HMY] - Golpu copper gold project in Papua New Guinea,includes a resource of 47 million pounds of Moly.
HiHo Silver Resources [CNSX:HHS] - Option to acquire 705 of St. Elias Mines Kettle River molybdenum project.
Idaho General Mines is now General Moly, Inc.
Imperial Metals [TSE:III] - Huckleberry Mine (British Columbia)
Intermin Resources [ASX:IRC] -
International Molybdenum plc was acquired by Quadra FNX Mining, now KGHM International, a subdidiary of KGHM Polska Miedz S.A.
International PBX Ventures [TSX-V:PBX] - Acquisition and development of molybdenum, copper and gold properties in Chile.
Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group -
Kennecott Utah Copper [a Rio Tinto plc company] - Approximately 18 million pounds of molybdenum is recovered as a by-product of the copper processing operations at Kennecott's Copperton Concentrator.
Largo Resources [TSE-V:LGO] - Northern Dancer Tungsten-Molybdenum deposit in the Yukon.
Leeward Capital [TSX-V:LWC] - Actively exploring for Molybdenum in Central British Columbia
Marengo Mining Limited [ASX:MGO] - Yandera copper-molybdenum project in Papua New Guinea
Mega Uranium [TSX:MGA] - Ben Lomond uranium-molybdenum deposit in North Queensland, Australia.
Mercator Minerals [TSX:ML] - Mineral Park copper-molybdenum-silver mine in Arizona
Metalquest is now Canada Gold Corporation
Moly Mines [ASX:MOL] - Spinifex Ridge Molybdenum and Copper Project, located in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia.
Molycor Gold Corporation is now Nevada Clean Magnesium
Mosquito Consolidated Gold is now American CuMo Mining
Nanika Resources is now Goldbar Resources
North American Tungsten [TSX-V:NTC] - Assets include The Cantung Mine, Mactung Deposit, Hemerdon Mine and a 50% interest in a tungsten processing facility.
Northern Dynasty Minerals [AMEX:NAK] [TSX:NDM] - Advance stage copper-gold-molybdenum projects in southwestern Alaska.
Northern Orion Resources was acquired by Yamana Gold
Pacific Cascade Minerals [TSX-V:PCV] - Crack Molybdenum prospect in Southern British Columbia.
Pacific Comox Resources [TSX-V:PCM] - Ryan Lake copper-molybdenum claims in Northern Ontario.
Prophecy Coal [TSX-V:PCY] - OK Property (copper-molybdenum) in British Columbia
Radisson Mining Resources [TSX-V:RDS] - Dryden Molybdenum Project, Ontario.
Rio Tinto plc [NYSE:RIO] - Moly from Kennecott Utah Copper.
Roca Mines - MAX Molybdenum Deposit, British Columbia, Canada.
St. Elias Mines [TSX-V:SLI] - Kettle River molybdenum project.
Saturn Minerals [TSX-V:SMI] - British Columbia
Serengeti Resources [TSX-V:SIR] - Molybdenum deposits in British Columbia
Silver Grail Resources [TSX-V:SVG] - Tonga Property (molybdenum, silver and gold) Britsh Columbia.
Solomon Resources is now Damara Gold
Sonora Gold became Metalquest, now Canada Gold Corporation
Strategic Metals [TSX-V:SMD] - Exploration in northwestern Canada.
Sultan Minerals [TSX-V:SUL] - Jersey Emerald molybdenum and tungsten prospect, located in southeastern British Columbia..
TTM Resources [TSX-V:TTQ] - British Columbia
Taseko Mines [AMEX:TGB] [TSX:TKO] - Produces moly at Gibraltar Mine (BC) A Hunter Dickinson company.
Teck [NYSE:TCK] [TSX:TCK-B] - Highland Valley Copper mine produces molybdenum byproduct.
Tenajon Resources became Creston Moly, now Mercator Minerals
Thor Mining plc [LSE:THR] - Tungsten and molybdenum projects in the Northern Territory of Australia.
Thompson Creek Metals [TSX:TCM] - Integrated North American primary moly producer (was Blue Pearl Mining)
Tintina Mines [TSX-V:TTS] - Red Mountain molybdenum deposit located in the Whitehorse Mining district in the Yukon Territory, Canada
Tyler Resources was acquired by Canada Jinchuan Resources, a subsidiary of Jinchuan Group
US Energy [NASDAQ:USEG] - Mount Emmons property, Colorado.
United Bolero Development is now Bolero Resources
Velocity Minerals [TSX:VLC] - Molybdenum projects in northern British Columbia
Vena Resources [TSX:VEM] - Copper/Moly exploration projects in Peru.
Virgin Metals [TSX-V:VGM] - Advanced exploration stage Mo-Cu porphyry properties in Sonora State, northern Mexico.
Vital Metals [ASX:VML] - Tungsten and molybdenum
Western Troy Capital Resources [TSX-V:WRY] - MacLeod Lake Property hosts copper, molybdenum, gold and silver.

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