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Palladium 1 year Palladium 1 year Palladium
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Gold Fields Mineral Services - GFMS produces independent research on the international platinum and palladium markets, which is published in our Precious Metals Quarterly
Johnson Matthey Technology Review - Quarterly E-journal of research on the platinum metals and of developments in their application in industry
London Platinum and Palladium Market - Trade association, the purpose of which is to promote professional trading in London of both platinum and palladium.
Platinum Guild International - International trade association dedicated to the education and dissemination of marketing and research information about platinum
Platinum Today - Definitive Platinum Group Metals information resource site with excellent background on supply and demand as well as price information. Monthly reports on price movements and comprehensive market reports updated bi-annually.
USGS Platinum Group Metals - Statistics and Information for Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Osmium, and Iridium
World Platinum Investment Council - Formed by the six leading platinum producers to develop the market for platinum investment demand.

African Platinum plc was acquired by Impala Platinum
African Rainbow Minerals Limited [JSE:ARI] - Mining of PGMs, nickel, ferrous metals and coal
Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) [Pinksheet:ANGPY] - World's major primary producer of platinum and other Platinum Group Metals
Aquarius Platinum was acquired by Sibanye Gold, now SibayneStillwater
Atlatsa Resources [TSX:ATL] - PGM mining, exploration and development company, with assets located on the Bushveld Igneous Complex of South Africa. (was Anooraq Resources)
Avalon Advanced Materials [TSX:AVL] - Legris Lake palladium property located 75 km north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, adjacent to the Lac des Iles mine of North American Palladium.
Benton Resources [TSX-V:BEX] - Ontario properties
Conduto Platinum is now Noble Metals
Eastern Platinum [TSX:ELR] - PGMs in South Africa
Eurasia Mining PLC [LSE:EUA] - Russian joint ventures in the rich and developed Urals mineral belt including gold, platinum, and copper.
Freegold Ventures [TSX:FVL] - Acquiring and developing platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold projects in North America.
Grid Metals (was Mustang Minerals) [TSX-V:GRDM] - Makwa Mayville Project in Manitoba. (containing nickel copper platinum group metals and cobalt mineralization)
Impala Platinum [Pinksheets:IMPUY] -Second largest producer of platinum group metals in the world
Indiana Resources [ASX:IDA] - Ntaka Hill Nickel Project and the Naujombo and Kishugu Gold in Tnazania. (was IMX Resources)
Jangada Mines [LSE:JAN] - Pedra Branca PGM Project in Northeastern Brazil.
Johnson Matthey [LSE:JMAT] - World Leader in Advanced Materials Technology, and an excellent source for platinum information.
Jubilee Platinum plc [LSE:JLP] - Focusing on platinum group metal (PGM) properties, with interests in South Africa, Canada, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.
Largo Resources [TSE:LGO] - Northern Dancer Tungsten-Molybdenum deposit in the Yukon and the Maracas Platinum-Vanadium deposit in Brazil.
Lonmin PLC was acquired by Sibanye-Stillwater (10 June 2019)
MacDonald Mines Exploration [TSX-V:BMK] - Palladium and platinum exploration in Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec.
Marathon PGM was acquired by Stillwater Mining Company, now SibayneStillwater
MetalCORP [TSX-V:MTC] - Actively exploring for precious metals throughout the Canadian Shield.
Mustang Minerals is now Grid Metals
Nevada Star Resources became Pure Nickel is now Galleon Gold
New Age Metals [TSX-V:NAM] - Platinum and lithium.
New Millennium Metals was acquired by Platinum Group Metals Limited
Norilsk Nickel [Pinksheet:NILSY] - Major percentages of world production: 40% of palladium, 24% of platinum, and 20% of rhodium
North American Palladium was acquired by Implats
Northam Platinum [JSE:NHM] - Northam operates a mine and processing plants in the Bushveld Complex of SA, producing some 270 000 oz of pgms annually
Northern Shield Resources [TSX-V:NRN] - Ontario diamonds and platinum.
Pacific Northwest Capital is now New Age Metals
Platexco- Acquired by Impala Platinum
Platina Resources [ASX:PGM] -
Platinum Australia was acquired by Jubilee Platinum plc
Platinum Group Metals Limited [TSX:PTM] - Development of platinum operations in both Canada and South Africa, with significant mineral rights in the Bushveld Complex of South Africa, including a joint venture with Anglo Platinum Limited.
Polymet Mining [TSX:POM] - Open-pit accessible NorthMet deposit (Minnesota, USA) contains copper, nickel, cobalt, platinum-group metals, gold and silver.
Prophecy Platinum became Wellgreen Platinum, now Nickel Creek Platinum
Pure Nickel is now Galleon Gold
St-Georges Eco-Mining [CSE:SX] - Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Copper, Cobalt and Nickel explorer with projects in Quebec, Canada.
SibayneStillwater [NYSE:SBGL] - Third largest producer of platinum and palladium.
Solitario Resources [TSE:SLR] - Primary focus is the Pedra Branca PGM property in Brazil (joint venture with Rockwell Ventures)
Southern Palladium [ASX:SPD] - Bengwenyama palladium/rhodium dominated PGM project, South Africa.
Starcore International Ventures [TSX:SAM] - PGE Properties in Atikokan Area of northwest Ontario
Stillwater Critical Minerals (was Group Ten Metals) [TSX-V:PGE] - Portfolio of highly prospective mineral properties located throughout Canada
Stillwater Mining is now SibayneStillwater
Wallbridge Mining [TSE:WM] - Focused on nickel, copper and platinum group elements in the Sudbury Mining Camp
Wellgreen Platinum is now Nickel Creek Platinum
Wesizwe Platinum [JSE:WEZ] - Western Limb of the world-renowned Bushveld Igneous Complex
Zimplats [ASX:ZIM] - Only publicly listed platinum company developing and producing platinum group metals in Zimbabwe Incorporated in Guernsey in May 1998 as a holding company for platinum assets Delta Gold NL.

Platinum Group Metals
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