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Sites Added Prior to 2011
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Sites Added in Q3-2024
Ramp Metals Guardian Metal Resources PLC Seasif Exploration

Sites Added in Q2-2024
Ivanhoe Electric AuQ Gold Mining Horizon Minerals Global Uranium Great Eagle Gold Infinico Metals Lane Xang Minerals Limited Planet Green Metals Solidcore Resources Scandium Canada South Pacific Metals Xcite Resources AuMEGA Metals Mogotes Metals Homeland Nickel Mustang Energy South American Lithium Clara Resources Australia Orpheus Uranium Yukon Metals Macro Metals Bayridge Resourceses ESGold NOA Lithium Earthwise Minerals Elemental Rare Metals Redivium Thunderbird Resources Pinnacle Silver and Gold Sun Silver First Nordic Metals Forge Resources OnGold Resources Panther Minerals Resouro Strategic Metals Apex Critical Metals Bedford Metals Kootenay Resources NorthX Nickel Giant Mining Badlands Resources Coniagas Battery Metals Refined Energy Velox Energy Materials First Development Resources Great Pacific Gold Litchfield Minerals Montauk Metals

Sites Added in Q1-2024
American Salars Lithium Astron Corporation Electrum Discovery European Energy Metals Free Battery Metal Greenridge Exploration Hi-View Resources Kobrea Exploration Metals Acquisition Zeus North American Mining ATHA Energy Golden Rapture Mining Maverick Minerals Moonbound Mining STLLR Gold Zodiac Gold Aero Energy Helius Minerals Millennium Silver Nord Precious Metals Infini Resources Lancaster Resources Metalsource Mining Power-One Resources Asara Resources Kali Metals Arcadium Lithium Baie Minerals Green Mining Innovation Dryden Gold Global Uranium And Enrichment Koryx Copper Resources True North Copper Angel Wing Metals G11 Resources Lake Victoria Gold Lion Copper and Gold Quest Critical Metals Trinex Minerals

Sites Added in October, November, and December 2023
Brazilian Rare Earths Copper Standard Resources Fuse Minerals Showcase Minerals Silverstock Metals Core Nickel EcoGraf Highrock Resources Innogy Miata Metals Monumental Energy Premier American Uranium Sonoran Desert Copper Corporation Boron One Golden Cariboo Resources Nexus Uranium EarthLabs Green Bridge Metals Loyalist Exploration Minas Metals R3D Resources Serra Energy Metals Silver Storm Mining Battery X Metals Great Dirt Resources Tolu Minerals Red Canyon Resources Torr Metals Akwaaba Mining CGN Resources Nickelex Resource Spark Energy Minerals Volt Carbon Technologies Far Northern Resources KO Gold Sendero Resources

Sites Added in July, August, and September 2023
Li-FT Power Discovery Lithium James Bay Minerals Red Hawk Mining nrspeculator Forza Lithium Great Divide Mining Metals One PLC Astute Metals Critical Reagent Processing Lithos Energy Silver North Resources Canadian Gold Corp Manara Minerals Relevant Gold SRQ Resources Consolidated Lithium Metals Loyal Lithium Onyx Gold Cascadia Minerals Chilwa Minerals DY6 Metals Eureka Lithium Golden Age Exploration Horizon Copper Iltani Resources Nuclear Fuels Quebec Innovative Materials Weekapaug Lithium Western Star Resources Alaska Energy Metals

Sites Added in April. May, and June 2023
Thunderbird Minerals Tivan Union Steel Industry EV Minerals Comet Lithium Luca Mining NGX Royalties Inc. Silver Valley Metals Yari Minerals Alta Copper Augustus Minerals Collective Metals Dark Star Minerals Eagle Royalties Q Battery Metals Rush Rare Metals Tisdale Clean Energy Bocana Resources Delta Lithium Linden Gold Kirkland Lake Discoveries Newpath Resources CXS Warriedar Resources PM Bug First American Uranium Ashby Mining LFNT Resources Molten Metals MTM Critical Metals Makuri Technology SEAC Blog MetalQuest Mining Power Minerals Triple One Metals Unico Silver Long Range Exploration Hertz Lithium Leeuwin Metals Atlantic Tin Future Battery Minerals Carolina Rush Metalite Resources

Sites Added in January, February, and March 2023
Alliance Nickel Century Lithium Chifeng Jilong Gold Mining EuroPacific Metals Evergreen Lithium Fulcrum Metals plc Targa Exploration Tiger Tasman Minerals Gladiator Metals Lithium Royalty Live Energy Minerals Storm Exploration T2 Metals Thunder Gold Tincorp Metals Arctic Fox Lithium Sorrento Resources Teako Minerals Catalina Resources Q2 Metals SQX Resources ACDC Metals OD6 Metals Taiton Resources Volatus Capital DFR Gold E-Power Resources Hercules Resources Patagonia Lithium Power Lithium Refined Metals Andrada Mining Bendito Resources VHM BC Moly Battery Age Minerals Richmond Vanadium Technology

Sites Added in October, November, and December 2022
Asra Minerals Desoto Resources Patriot Lithium Austin Metals Everest Metals Green Critical Minerals Mantle Minerals Savannah Goldfields Evion Group Gama Explorations Mount Isa Minerals Pivotal Metals Reflex Advanced Materials Grounded Lithium Lightning Minerals Oberon Uranium Great Republic Mining Alpha Copper Aterian plc EGR Exploration Green Shift Commodities Lion Rock Resources Lithium Ionic Tribeca Resources Atlas Lithium Energy Transition Minerals Goldstorm Metals Adelong Gold Atco Mining Constance Iron ENRG Elements Exiro Minerals GoldFinX Kumo Resources Phoenix Precious Metals Ranchero Gold RecycLiCo Battery Materials Spod Lithium Sun Valley Investments Sycamore Mining Teako Gold Willeson Metals Torrent Gold Troy Minerals Ecora Resources PLC Bubalus Resources Copper Road Resources Steadright Critical Minerals SOTAOG Critical Minerals Group

Sites Added in July, August, and September 2022
Atlantic Lithium Octava Minerals Safescape Taurus Gold Terra Uranium New Break Resources Star Alliance International Aeramentum Resources Hercules Silver Talent Infinity Resource Developments Tashota Resources American Copper Development Corporation Colossus Resources Heritage Mining Heavy Rare Earths Brunswick Exploration Founders Metals Summit Minerals Coolabah Metals Cosa Resources Prudent Minerals Rock Edge Resources TinOne Resources West Oak Gold Bravo Mining Brightstar Resource Amaroq Minerals Nova Lithium Tennant Minerals Toubani Resources Vortex Metals Cullinan Metals Discovery Alaska Lode Metals TRX Gold Terra Balcanica Resources Bindi Metals Ionic Rare Earths Kiboko Gold Lanthanein Resources MetalsGrove Mining Oceana Lithium Regener8 Resources Sarytogan Graphite York Harbour Metals Astra Exploration Bradda Head Lithium Cavalier Resources East Star Resources Leo Lithium Odette Six Metals Prime Mining

Sites Added in April, May, and June 2022
Arras Minerals PYX Resources Puranium Energy Signal Gold Kingsland Minerals Kraken Energy Greenvale Mining Metal Energy Perenti Scully Royalty Southern Palladium Stillwater Critical Minerals Uvre IperionX Lanthanein Resources Multi Metal Development Bellavista Resources Cosmo Metals Infinitum Copper Madoro Metals TG Metals Aurora Energy Metals Southern Cross Gold Sylla Gold Geodrill Madison Metals Mayo Lake Minerals Ten Sixty Four Alma Gold Ashley Gold Faraday Copper Koba Resources Lithium Plus Minerals Maronan Metals Metals Acquisition Corp Plethora Private Equity Regency Silver Sarama Resources Sierra Nevada Gold Solstice Minerals Western Metallica Resources Merida Minerals Narryer Metals Osmond Resources Pallas Minerals Pure Resources Delta Resources Ekometall Exploration Great Glen Resources GreenX Metals International Graphite Prospector Metals Radio Fuels Energy Tundra Exploration Zeb Nickel Belararox Beyond Minerals Canadian North Resources Far East Gold Firetail Resources Fortune Bay G Mining Ventures Lahontan Gold Lavras Gold LithiumBank Resources Lord Resources Many Peaks Gold Morella Corporation Odessa Minerals Steel Structures Agosi AG JSC Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex Ambatovy Aurum Analytics Chrysos Corporation Golden Glance (Pvt) Ltd Group 6 Metals Firering Strategic Minerals plc Omnia Metals Group Traction Uranium Voltage Metals Westmount Minerals Flying Nickel Mining General Copper Gold Gander Gold HeliosX Labyrinth Resources

Sites Added in January, February, and March 2022
African Energy Metals EDM Resources Electra Battery Materials GETT Gold High Tide Resources Kingsview Minerals Stelar Metals Sunshine Gold Tri-Star Gold Arizona Lithium Caprock Mining Foremost Lithium Greenwing Resources Imagine Lithium Mallee Resources Meeka Metals Muzhu Mining Quimbaya Gold Recharge Resources AMAK Mining Company Arab Nubia Group Baldota Group Blackstone Resources AG Delgo Mining Federation Mining Fides Mining J Resources Mabiza Resources Mauritania Mining Group Moxico Resources plc Odisha Mining Corporation Triple Nine Resources Apollo Silver CopperCorp Golden Shield Resources Reyna Gold Andean Mining Killi Resources Max Power Mining Norfolk Metals Orexplore Technologies SensOre Greenland Resources Canadian Manganese Forte Minerals Leopard Lake Gold McFarlane Lake Mining Viridis Mining and Minerals WA1 Resources Central Copper Resources Plc EMP Metals EXLA Resources NICO Resources Vertex Minerals Hamelin Gold Greentech Metals Nation Gold

Sites Added in October, November, and December 2021
Aclara Resources DMC Mining Falcon Metals Infinity Mining Lycaon Rubix Resources Armanda Metals Atomic Minerals Coppernico Metals Snow Lake Lithium Strathmore Plus Energy Voyager Metals EV Resources Idaho Strategic Resources MLK Gold Queensland Gold Hills Ronin Resources American West Metals CuFe WIA Gold Orange Minerals Taura Gold Winsome Resources Allkem EV Nickel Evolution Energy Minerals Larvotto Resources Minto Metals Metal Pursuits Collective Mining Enerev5 Metals Gold Mountain Mining Western Alaska Minerals Alerio Gold Arizona Sonoran Copper Big Red Mining Reach Resources Star Minerals Alpha Exploration Lykos Metals VVV Resources 55 North Mining Ares Strategic Mining Chifeng Jilong Gold Mining Fathom Nickel DEVELOP GreenRoc Mining Plc Interra Copper Gelum Resources Forty Pillars Mining Highlander Silver Stallion Uranium Tungsten West Dundas Minerals Elevation Gold E79 Gold Mines Kalgoorlie Gold Mining Kalo Gold Holdings NIMY Resources Parabellum Resources Baldwin Industrial Systems Athena Gold Bathurst Metals Cooper Metals Cosmos Exploration Graphano Energy Green Technology Metals Kingman Minerals New Break Resources Vizsla Copper Big Gold Coast Copper Copper Bullet Mines Gallik Explorations Nevgold Newfoundland Discovery Silver Hammer Mining Amvest Capital Andean Precious Metals C29 Metals Eastern Metals iTech Minerals Power Nickel

Sites Added in July, August, and September 2021
1111 Exploration Akobo Minerals Aston Minerals Atacama Copper Lukin Resources Vulcan Energy Resources World Copper Blende Silver CopAur Minerals First Class Metals Goldflare Exploration Golden Spike Resources IG Global Group PNG Copper Pacific Mining LLC St. Anthony Gold Tintic Consolidated Metals Sabre Gold Mines Dalaroo Metals Diablo Resources Recharge Metals Resilience Mining Mongolia Minerals 260 Tayco Pacific Resources S.A.C Forrestania Resources Legacy Minerals Holdings Mitre Mining Mt Malcolm Mines Pantera Minerals Widgie Nickel Copper Search Element79 Hawsons Iron Heavy Minerals Iris Metals Pearl Gull Iron Revolver Resources West Cobar Metals Alvo Minerals Blue Thunder Mining Enegex Lubambe Copper Mine North Valley Resources Zacapa Resources Aquirian First Tellurium Global Battery Metals Kiplin Metals Peako Phenom Resources Sidney Resources Corporation Bonanza Minerals Churchill Resources Emperor Metals Fairchild Gold Koonenberry Gold Midas Minerals NewOrigin Gold Norcliffe Mining Services Blackwolf Copper and Gold Critical Resources NEO Battery Metals S2 Minerals Solis Minerals US Copper Victory Metals Xali Gold Altona Rare Earths Plc Burrell Resources EnviroGold Global Limited Evrima Plc Premium Nickel Resources Chala Metals Clean TeQ Water Culpeo Minerals EMR Capital Lode Resources Sunrise Energy Metals Veragold Mining Company Alufer Mining Blyvoor Gold Ibaera Capital Orion Resource Partners Resource Capital Funds Tacora Resources ACME Lithium DRA Global Patriot Battery Metals Tambourah Metals Three Valley Copper Infield Minerals Kuniko Quebec Nickel WellDunn Elevate Uranium Future Metals Gold Royalty

Sites Added in April, May, and June 2021
Glines & Rhodes 29 Metals Ballymore Resources Boroo Mining Cannon Resources Charger Metals Golden Energy and Resources M3 Mining Mongoose Mining Pacgold Guskin Gold Lithium Energy Limited Longreach Mineral Exploration Thesis Gold Xtract Resources Guanajuato Silver Burley Minerals Gold 50 Limited Ozz Resources Prospect Ridge Resources St. James Gold Wyloo Metals Askari Metals Australian Rare Earths Barton Gold Holdings Locksley Resources Western Gold Resources Western Mines Ameriwest Lithium Ferro-Alloy Resources Group Rockland Resources URU Metals Tactical Resources Trans Canada Gold Adyton Resources American Eagle Gold Codrus Minerals Golden Point Group Lunnon Metals Shen Yao Holdings Caracal Gold plc Marvel Discovery Masivo Silver Nobel29 Resources Polymetals Resources West Mining NorthWest Copper First Class Metals Gold Hunter Resources MLG Oz Limited Monger Gold Scotch Creek Ventures Torque Metals Waraba Gold Bullion Gold Resources Discovery Minerals Goldhills Holding Invest Canada North MegaWatt Lithium and Battery Metals Nevada King Gold Trailbreaker Resources United Lithium Arcadia Minerals Carlyle Commodities DeepRock Minerals i-80 Gold Ion Energy Snowline Gold Stella Minerals Kalkin Media Detecting School Anax Metals Auric Mining Balkan Mining & Minerals Flynn Gold Mosaic Minerals Musk Metals Norsemont Mining Silver Bullet Mines Surefire Resources TRU Precious Metals Hanna Capital Capella Minerals CEMIN Holding Minero DLP Resources Albion Resources Australasian Gold Global Lithium Resources NickelX Record Gold Black Canyon Mayfair Gold QMines

Sites Added in January, February, and March 2021
Zuleika Gold Green Battery Minerals 92 Energy Cascada Silver Iceni Gold Perpetua Resources SPC Nickel Stinger Resources Lone Mountain Mining Genmin HPX NSJ Gold TechGen Metals Mantaro Precious Metals Zacatecas Silver Star Royalties Xantippe Resources Zinnwald Lithium Bastion Minerals CAVU Energy metals Cosmo Gold Firebird Metals Juno Minerals Peregrine Gold Sterling Metals 1844 Resources Aris Gold Leviathan Gold TDG Gold EQ Resources Ironveld 79 Resources Fortitude Gold Snowy Owl Gold Usha Resources Bluelake Mineral QC Copper & Gold Queensland Pacific Metals Augusta Gold Goldshore Resources Karus Gold Nickel 28 Boab Metals Oar Resources Canagold Resources Mamba Exploration Ophir Gold Tempest Minerals Wildcat Resources American Resources Corporation Gold Basin Resources Gold Port Corporation Heliostar Metals Osisko Development Prismo Metals Pucara Gold Stuve Gold C2C Gold E2 Gold Lexington Gold Sierra Madre Gold & Silver Supernova Metals Xander Resources

Sites Added in October, November, and December 2020
Pegasus Resources Pacific Nickel Mines South Atlantic Gold QX Resources Silver Wolf Exploration E-Tech Resources Outback Goldfields Hanstone Gold K9 Gold Visionary Gold Pampa Metals Element 29 Resources Australian Gold and Copper CDN Maverick Capital Desert Metals Kingfisher Mining Torrens Mining Voyageur Mineral Explorers BPM Minerals King Global Ventures Prospech Rincon Resources Norden Crown Metals Province Resources Antilles Gold Burgundy Diamond Mines Caspin Resources Cyclone Metals Noronex Tier One Silver AKORA Resources Aurumin BlueBird Merchant Ventures Ragusa Minerals Suvo Strategic Minerals Westar Resources Tentnology Medallion Metals Aurwest Resources Nickel Asia AMG Critical Materials China Northern Rare Earth Group Deterra Royalties Gold'n Futures Mineral Livent Mila Resources Plc Toho Titanium Tronox Holdings Plc Lithium South Sun Summit Minerals Fortune Nickel and Gold Gatos Silver Angus Gold RareX OzAurum Resources Baselode Energy Montage Gold Sixth Wave IXOS Koza Gold Native Mineral Resources Holdings Core Assets Starr Peak Mining Menar 79North Cross River Ventures GoldHaven Resources Eurobattery Minerals

Sites Added in July, August, and September 2020
Big Ridge Gold Cassiar Gold Strickland Metals Coda Minerals Exploits Discovery Miramar Resources Huntsman Exploration P2 Gold Cadence Minerals Dynamic Drill and Blast Megado Gold NewPeak Metals Siren Gold enCore Uranium Gold Bull Resources BMEX Gold Class 1 Nickel and Technologies Limited Detectors Direct Electric Royalties Marvel Gold Sun Peak Metals Dahrouge Geological Consulting Orogen Royalties Ridgeline Minerals AYA Gold & Silver New Found Gold Fokus Mining Gold79 Mines Palisades Goldcorp Graycliff Exploration Newcore Gold North Stawell Minerals Pan Asia Metals Australian Strategic Materials C3 Metals Cornish Metals Essential Metals Augusta Group Future Global Resources Elemental Royalties Turmalina Metals Ambler Metals LLC Appian Capital Advisory Evergold Golden Sky Minerals Goldseek Resources Joshua Gold Resources Manning Ventures Red Lake Gold Silver Sands Resources Slave Lake Zinc Straightup Resources Summa Silver Temas Resources Tocvan Ventures Clarity Gold Edgemont Gold FenixOro Gold Golden Lake Exploration Flow Metals Makara Mining Tarachi Gold West Vault Mining SKRR Exploration Empress Royalty Triple Flag Precious Metals MP Materials EMU Marimaca Copper Cornish Lithium Cornwall Resources QcX Gold Greenfields Exploration Enduro Metals KoBold Metals American Rare Earths Freeman Gold Hydracore Drills Karora Resources Origen Resources Blencowe Resources PLC BlueRock Diamonds plc Brazilian Nickel PLC Strategic Minerals PLC Critical Metals plc

Sites Added in January-to-June 2020
Silver Dollar Resources GoldSpot Discoveries Omai Gold Mines Arc Minerals Southern Empire Resources Josemaria Resources Orea Mining Esrey Resources USA Rare Earth Canada Nickel Headwater Gold Standard Uranium Trident Resources plc Soma Gold Vox Royalty Riley Resources Resolution Minerals Los Cerros Limited Galiano Gold ATEX Resources Arbor Metals Alpha Lithium Arizona Metals Cerro de Pasco Resources Clean Air Metals Prime Meridian Resources Smoothrock Ventures Inflection Resources Reyna Silver Aranjin Resources Dreadnought Resources Galleon Gold Gold Terra Resource Kodiak Copper Leocor Ventures Paterson Resources Equity Metals Gold Springs Resource Silver Elephant Mining SlurryFlo Valve Corp O3 Mining GR Silver Mining Panther Metals Plc W Resources M3 Metals Premier African Minerals Winshear Gold Kaiser Reef Metal Hawk Castile Resources Cobre Limited Dixie Gold Dore Copper Mining Newton and Boyle Scottie Resources Uranium Royalty AGICO Blue Lagoon Resources Northstar Gold Corp

Sites Added in from July-to-December 2019
Talisker Resources Godolphin Resources Torngat Metals Lotus_Resources Wall Street Treasures IMC International Mining Cobra Resources Plc Karelian Diamond Resources Frisco Gold Crestview Exploration Alto Metals NQ Minerals Plc Tectonic Gold Plc IMC Exploration Group plc Tartana Resources Atacama Resources 1911 Gold Alice Queen Atlantic Azure Holding Group Magnis Energy Technologies Palladium One Mining Perpetual Resources Sky Gold AM Resources Bessor Minerals Blue Star Gold Critical Metals Cyprium Metals Errawarra Resources Gladiator Resources Magontec PetraTherm Pilbara Minerals PolarX Power Metal Resources Solaris Copper Theta Gold Mines Tiger Resources MetalsMine Arrow Minerals Aurex Energy Auris Minerals Ausdrill Ausmon Resources Avira Resources FYI Resources Fidelity Minerals Fin Resources First Graphene Galan Lithium Global Fortune Investment Limited Great Southern Mining Hazer Group MMG Limited MRG Metals Ltd Mastermyne Niuminco Noble Metals Norra Metals OM Holdings Ora Banda Mining Orica Six Sigma Metals Western Magnesium WestStar Industrial Bathurst Resources Boart Longyear Cassius Mining Conico Coronado Global Resources Equatorial Resources Estrella Resources GR Engineering Great Boulder Resources Infinity Lithium Investigator Resources Lefroy Exploration Macmahon Holdings Limited Magnum Mining and Exploration Nova Minerals QEM Quantum Graphite RBR Group RMA Energy Ragnar Metals S2 Resources Sante Fe Minerals South 32 Strategic Energy Resources Trek Metals Titan Minerals

Sites Added in March, April, May, and June 2019
Amani Gold Anova Metals Dateline Resources Prodigy Gold Base Equipment Hire Cassius Ventures Stuhini Exploration Nemex Resources Greenstone Gold Mines Arkle Resources plc Alice Queen Arcwest Exploration Black Cat Syndicate Canoe Mining Ventures Carnaby Resources Cassius Ventures Engineer Gold Mines First Au Limited Gibb River Diamonds Jade Leader Jaeger Resources New World Cobalt Outcrop Silver Raiden Resources Trade Environmental Products Tectonic Metals New Century Resources The Assay Mont Royal Resources Woomera Mining Shine Minerals Hobby Help Metal Detecting Meridian Mining American Battery Technology ZipRecruiter Bryah Resources Corazon Mining DevEx Resources Element 25 Kingston Resources Rolek Resources Volt Resources Xenarc Technologies 3AG Systems

Sites Added in February 2019
Auking Mining Beauce Gold Fields Canterbury Resources Chaarat Gold Holdings Limited Renegade Exploration St Augustine Gold & Copper Superior Gold Teuton Resources Tongguan Gold ValOre Metals Walker River Resources Wolfden Resources Aurelius Minerals Avidian Gold Cadillac Ventures Chibougamau Independent Mines China Gold International Resources Galore Resources Golden Ridge Resources Group Eleven Resources Magna Terra Minerals MegumaGold NexGen Energy Northern Lights Resources Orefinders Resources Pangolin Diamonds Solitario Zinc Southern Silver Exploration Strikepoint Gold Vanstar Mining Resources 37 Capital Arizona Silver Exploration Asian Mineral Resources Avesoro Resources Blackrock Silver Canada Rare Earth Corp. East Africa Metals Etruscus Resources Fremont Gold Genius Metals GoldMining Inc. GSP Resource Corp. Lundin Gold Osisko Metals Portofino Resources Provenance Gold Rock Tech Lithium Seahawk Gold Sigma Lithium Resources Signature Resources Transatlantic Mining Trigon Metals Ubique Minerals Viscount Mining Volt Energy White Gold Corp.

Sites Added in January 2019
Altamira Gold American Pacific Mining Antler Gold BeMetals Corp Black Mammoth Metals Candelaria Mining CANEX Metals Desert Lion Energy Discovery Silver First Energy Metals Fission Uranium Goldon Resources Goldsource Mines Inventus Mining Irving Resources Lithium Energi Exploration Osino Resources Quadro Resources Rokmaster Resources SilverCrest Metals Thor Explorations Volcanic Gold Mines Westhaven Gold Ximen Mining Aldebaran Resources Aurania Resources Barksdale Capital Blackrock Silver Cabral Gold Elcora Advanced Materials Filo Mining Goliath Resources Labrador Gold Lumina Gold New Era Minerals Nickel Creek Platinum Palamina Corp. QMC Quantum Minerals Quebec Precious Metals Rotation Minerals Saville Resources Sitka Gold Sonoro Metals Spey Resources Troubadour Resources United Battery Metals Vendetta Mining White Metal Resources A.I.S. Resources AJN Resources Aloro Mining BTU Metals Cleghorn Minerals Defense Metals District Copper Gainey Capital Generation Mining Harfang Exploration iMetal Resources KORE Mining Libero Copper Lithoquest Diamonds Sailfish Royalty Harfang Exploration Sixty North Gold Supreme Metals Gratomic Getchell Gold International Prospect Ventures Val-D'or Mining FireFox Gold Havilah Mining Ganfeng Lithium Technology Metals Australia Casa Minerals Fura Gems Prosper Gold ePower Metals Pursuit Minerals Scorpion Minerals

Sites Added in 2018
Surge Battery Metals Cerro de Pasco Resourcese Meguma Gold Union Atlantic Minerals Fenix Resources Grid Metals Alien Metals Australian Vanadium PVW Resources Yandal Resources Jupiter Gold Corporation Rover Metals Andromeda Metals Aust-Sino Resources Group Desert Mountain Energy Global Atomic Searchlight Resources Sunstone Metals Vision Lithium Euro Manganese Generic Gold Viva Gold ZincX Resources Caprice Resources Golden State Mining Trigg Mining Tribeca Global Natural Resources Limited Luminex Resources Aldoro Resources Moho Resources Constellation Resources Nickel Mines Sultan Resources Tempus Resources Benchmark Metals Lithium Chile Rio2 Royal Bafokeng Platinum All Waste Matters Chakana Copper Generic Gold Leading Edge Materials Prism Resources Pure Gold Standard Lithium Star Diamond Surge Copper Vision Lithium Adriatic Metals Azucar Minerals Galileo Mining Minera Alamos Solstice Gold Steppe Gold Future Recycling Metals Silver One Resources Pacific Empire Minerals Tianqi Lithium Taiga Gold Doubleview Capital Awati Resources Kopore Metals RosCan Minerals Bunker Hill Mining Pacific Empire Minerals Adriatic Metals Plc Metal Detector Lab Canadian Northern Mining Maple Gold Mines European Cobalt Tagiuk Gold Traxys Allegiant Gold Imperial Mining Group Corona Resources Eagle Mountain Mining Lowell Resources Fund Mako Gold Podium Minerals Saturn Metals PCE Instruments Van der Meulen Edelmetaal Toro Shelters ACA Howe International Limited Auplata Neo Performance Materials Accelerate Resources

Sites Added in 2017
Emerald Resources European Cobalt Millennial Lithium Equinox Gold Bushveld Minerals Cygnus Gold Podium Minerals Great Boulder Resources Panthera Resources Plc Rainbow Rare Earths Troilus Gold CBLT E3 Metals Kutcho Copper VR Resources Blaze International Tarku Resources Juggernaut Exploration Dacian Gold Celsius Resources IsoEnergy Carawine Resources Central Iron Ore Altus Strategies Plc Providence Gold Mines ALX Uranium Draig Resources VR Resources Niobay Metals Opus One Resources Morien Resources GFG Resources Tyndale USA Titan Mining AIC Resources Central Asia Metals Frontier Diamonds Ontario Graphite BWR Exploration Global Li-ion Graphite Nzuri Copper Cora Gold Piedmont Lithium SRG Graphite Kenadyr Mining Magnum Goldcorp GGX Gold Winston Gold Auxico Resources Giga Metals Precipitate Gold Ero Copper GPM Metals Barsele Minerals FPX Nickel Kesselrun Resources Kintavar Exploration Tudor Gold Japan Gold Fireweed Zinc Braveheart Resources International Battery Metals Blue Moon Zinc Silver Viper Minerals Revival Gold Calidus Resources Mayur Mining Riversgold Limited Liberty Gold Group Eleven Resources Galena Mining Golden Mile Resources Jangada Mines Katoro Gold Trifecta Gold U.S. Gold Corp. AbraSilver Resource Corp Kodal Minerals Plc Cruz Battery Metals Alderan Resources Magmatic Resources Manuka Resources Aztec Minerals Triumph Gold European Lithium New Age Metals Resource Capital Gold Anson Resources Kairos Minerals Ascendant Resources Capricorn Metals Sunvest Minerals Torq Resources Trilogy Metals Nexus Gold Adventus Mining Global Energy Metals Ceylon Graphite Aeris Resources Empire Metals HPQ Silicon Resources Hannan Metals PPX Mining Power Americas Minerals Aurelius Minerals Starr Peak Exploration Altyn Gold LEAD FX Monarca Minerals Metalicity Magnetite Mines Resource Capital Gold US Radar Cannindah Resources Black Dragon Gold Lepidico Siyanda Resources Aton Resources Power Metals Asiamet Resources Cache Exploration Copper Lake Resources Durango Resources EnGold Mines Era Resources Eros Resources Goldstar Minerals Greatbanks Resources K92 Mining Mammoth Resources Plata Latina Minerals Royal Roads Minerals Sienna Resources Spearmint Resources Tower Resources VanadiumCorp Resource Cobalt Blue Granada Gold Mine Armor Minerals Castle Silver Resources Nicola Mining Zinc One Resources Argentina Lithium & Energy Elysee Development Rizal Resources TreasureClassifieds Blackstone Minerals Freehill Mining Horizon Gold Limited Kalamazoo Resources Westgold Resources Ardea Resources Marquee Resources Nelson Resources Avesoro Resources Monico Enviro Concepts Gold Dealers Guide Metal Detector List

Sites Added in 2016
Western Mining History Industrial Weldors & Machinists, Inc. Manganese X Energy Metalla Royalty and Streaming K2 Gold Azarga Metals JDS Silver Nuggeteer Copper Lake Resources Eros Resources Vendetta Mining Avalon Advanced Materials CKR Carbon NV Gold Corporation Banyan Gold APAC Resources Irving Resources Peloton Minerals Rise Resources American Lithium Lithium Australia Neometals Pilbara Minerals Pure Energy Minerals SQM AbraxSys Corporation Mingo Gold Prosper Gold Sotkamo Silver AB GreenOre Gold PLC Lucapa Diamond Company Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Atalaya Mining MMG Palamina First Mining Gold Pavey Ark Minerals Osceola Gold

Sites Added in 2015
Orla Mining A.M. King Alaska Structures Kefid Machinery Company Plantman Equipment Renascor Resources American Minerals LLC Almadex Minerals Soon Mining Mauco Tools Boomer's Detector Guide Murchison Minerals Newlox Gold Ventures Rockex Mining Tantalex West Red Lake Gold Mines Western Uranium Appia Rare Earths & Uranium CMX Gold & Silver AlugaGera Aurelia Metals Minera Alamos Zenith Minerals Aurasian Minerals Rimrock Gold Duke Royalty Sedibelo Platinum Mines Variscan Mines Black Rock Mining MinQuest Zeta Resources Nevada Zinc Strandline Resources Walker Lane Exploration Ardiden European Metals Explaurum Mitchell Services Peninsula Mines Scandium International Mining Vimy Resources Gungnir Resources Minnova Platypus Minerals Caravel Minerals Golden Share Mining King River Copper Montan Mining Golden Saint Resources The Detectorist Emerita Resources Industrial Motor Power MadePartners Handa Copper Global Workforce Accommodation Metro Mining Mount Ridley Mines Vast Resources PLC Dakota Territory Resource Corp Sayona Mining Benz Mining Vango Mining Damara Gold Great Atlantic Resources Hammer Metals Shoshoni Gold Auriant Mining Aston Bay Holdings Fission 3.0 Carry All Canada

Sites Added in 2014
World Platinum Investment Council Mason Graphite Magris Resources Orezone Gold Corporation Nyrstar Legacy Building Solutions China Hanking Holdings Osisko Gold Royalties Duketon Mining Limited Geotronics Consulting Inc. Metal Detector HQ Aorere Resources Highett Metal Qatar Mining Savannah Resources plc Fission Uranium Bharat Book Bureau New Kush Exploration & Mining Company Ltd Zonte Metals RTG Mining Stavely Minerals Stria Lithium Graystone Company Mineral Prospect Generation Group Bayhorse Silver Cleanawater Western Gold Hunter NFC (Shenyang) Metallurgical Machinery Co. Ltd. Scripovest AG Conveyor Dynamics InZinc Mining Metallis Resources Almonty Industries Kaizen Discovery Minsud Resources Geology for Investors Contango ORE Saint Jean Carbon GNCC Capital

Sites Added in 2013
Sokoman Iron Azincourt Uranium Dannemora Mineral AB Kodal Minerals Plc SODEMI Verde Resources Jiangxi Siton Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd Whetstone Minerals Nevada Gold KalNorth Gold Mines Electroheat Induction Yunnan Tin Protective Technologies Forbes & Manhattan Noble Mineral Exploration Adamera Minerals Managem Group Besra Gold Kemin Resources plc Far City Mining Dakota Territory Resource Corp. Crater Gold Mining Elysium Resources KGL Resources Castillo Copper Walkabout Resources Cardinal Resources Equus Mining ATCO Structures & Logistics Canyon Gold Action Drill & Blast Backsafe Australia Kitmondo TCB Metals & Refining WesTrac Lifestyle Store Mar-Dustrial Sales, Inc. Copeland International Deer Horn Metals Classic Minerals Lion One Metals Santana Minerals Force Equipment Sable Platinum Sierra Metals Bryan Power Ferrexpo plc CGrowth Capital Cancana Resources How to Find Gold Nuggets Zeus Resources Gold Rush Expeditions Tungsten Mining Callinex Mines Pyromet

Sites Added in 2012
URU Metals Panners and Prospectors X-Ray Film Buyers J&C Bachmann GmbH Noram Lithium Kesselrun Resources Besra Gold Canada Carbon Galaxy Graphite Deer Horn Metals Royal Bafokeng Platinum Central Iron Ore Limited Cerro Grande Mining Junior Mining Network Canamex Gold Phoenix Copper Northern Lights Resources Pasinex Resources West Red Lake Gold Advance Lithium Asante Gold Astorius Resources Atico Mining Mountainstar Gold Arrium Mining and Materials Inca Minerals New Talisman Gold Mines Prospect Resources Australasian Mine Safety Journal Discovery Harbour Resources Ma'aden First Bauxite Nickel North Exploration Gold Mining Claim Secrets Gold Price Live Sweden KazaX Minerals Nord Gold Tasman Metals Newfield Resources Silver Reef Resources Eastern Resources Precipitate Gold RAM Opportunities URU Metals Plata Latina Minerals HTX Minerals Karnalyte Resources Sierra Resource Group Mining Minnesota Euromines Smithers Exploration Group Twin Metals WestKam Gold Cordoba Minerals Zapadnaya Gold Cohiba Minerals Crucible Gold Desert Mines and Metals Equator Resources MOD Resources White Star Resources Santa Barbara Resources Donlin Gold LLC Asante Gold Corporation Atico Mining Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Toma Gold PMG Refiners Atlantica Mining Spencer Resources Hot Chili Limited Independence Gold Rokmaster Resources The ProspectorsPatch Arcus Development Metals Creek Resources Nexindio Mining Corporation GMR Global Mineral Resources Koidu Holdings Valtorc Wai Chun Mining Industry Group Weststar Resources Zhaojin Mining Industry Olivut Resources SN Mineral Mining AG Taruga Gold 49 North Resources Aurion Resources Botnia Exploration Limited Cartier Resources Galileo Resources Plc Inca One Resources Lovitt Resources McEwen Mining Mkango Resources New Destiny Mining Northcliff Resources Force Energy Bacanora Lithium Bellzone Mining PLC Bluestone Resources Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk Century Iron Mines Copper King and Western Utah Copper Defiance Silver Evolution Mining Excelsior Mining Corporation Goldbank Mining Jaxon Minerals Consulmet Afrika Gold AG Baroyeca Gold & Silver First Colombia Gold GBM Resources Giyani Metals Kestrel Gold Kopy Goldfields Noricum Gold PNG Gold Scorpio Gold Shasta Gold Taung Gold Tolima Gold Trans-Siberian Gold plc TriStar Gold Gold Coast Mining Maritime Resources Search Minerals AQM Copper Northisle Copper and Gold Oroco Resource Silver Range Resources Galahad Metals Nord Gold Metorex

Sites Added in 2011
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